Krissi + Gary | Lavender Manor Wedding

Krissi and Gary’s wedding was a dream at Lavender Manor in Deer Park, WA. A complete whimsical, breathtaking dream! There were so many beautiful patches of lavender dotting the landscape in so many beautiful shades of purple! But the real beauty came from Krissi and Gary’s passionate romance, on display for all to see.

 Their relationship is straight out of a rom-com: at first, the two of them hated each other! Krissi would visit Ciara, the maid of honor, at her booth in the mall, who introduced Gary. Krissi couldn’t stand him at all! However, love always finds a way, and after a night at the baseball park, the two of them became inseparable. Their life together was sealed after Gary proposed during a toast on New Year’s Eve.

The ceremony itself was so wonderfully unique that it just overflowed with personality! Vintage suitcases and verdant succulents were everywhere, and the bride herself assembled the bouquets. The best part? They were actually made out of pages of Harry Potter books! Adorable!

My favorite part of the wedding was not necessarily the material things, but the people that all came together to show love. All the bridesmaids had their own “first look” at Krissi in her gorgeous dress, which was such a tender moment. And the couple rushed the date of their wedding to honor Krissi’s grandfather, who means the world to Krissi. When they found out that he was sick, they knew that they wanted to do absolutely anything to make sure he could attend. It really felt like a true family affair.

Gary and Krissi fit together perfectly. Krissi’s bold style and vivacious spirit match Gary’s undying support, humor, and sweet affection for his beautiful wife. The setting, the sunny weather, and of course the people all helped make this ceremony such a majestic masterpiece. Thank you for letting me into a small part of what will be the greatest adventure of your lives!

Venue: Lavender Manor
Flowers: Harry Potter Flowers by Something Blue, bouquets arranged by the Bride
Bridal Gown: Celestial Selections
Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
Cake: Bride's Cousin, Kali Fischer, also a bridesmaid