Garland Theater Engagement | Krissi + Gary

Krissi and Gary's engagement session at the Garland Theater in Spokane was so unique and fun. I was so excited when Krissi said that she and Gary were huge movie fans and would love to do their engagement photos at the historic Garland theater.

There is so much I didn't know about this gem in Spokane. When the theater opened in 1945, it was the premiere movie house in all of the West! A local newspaper even raved that there was "nothing like it in on the Pacific Coast, even in Los Angeles." Everything from the snack bar to the cup holders was completely new and innovative. Since then, the Garland has preserved the old style beautifully. And it was perfect for Krissi and Gary's fun and expressive personalities!

Their story is so sweet and funny. When they first met, they actually hated each other. But then they quickly bonded over a game of baseball and sports talk and have been inseparable ever since! They have been together for 5 years and I could just tell right off the bat that these two have SO much fun together. They were constantly laughing and joking with each other the entire time. Their joy around each other is so genuine and natural. Krissi was beaming the entire time listening to Gary laugh and crack jokes. They truly love being together and it made capturing their genuine laughs and smiles so sweet!