Cassie + Logan | Trezzi Farms Spokane Wedding

Cassie and Logan’s special day took place at the breathtaking Trezzi Farm Winery up on Greenbluff in Spokane, WA. And even more gorgeous than the landscape was the couple themselves. My goodness! The little happily-ever-after between these two beautiful humans could not have been more perfect. And even though the weather was a little funky, that’s just how Cassie and Logan roll – taking on everything the world has to offer, with Jesus-loving hearts and smiles on their faces!

Logan and Cassie both attended school at the University of Alabama (crimson tide!) but first got to know each other on an interesting church hiking trip. The weather on the trip was downright miserable; everyone was drenched and muddy! But that didn’t stop Cassie and Logan from joking together and hitting it off. The two of them began dating shortly thereafter, and it was a match made in heaven. Even when Logan ended up breaking two of his knees, each time, Cassie stayed by his side and helped nurse him to health. So cute!

Their playful selves came through especially when Logan literally sprang out in front of Cassie in the middle of a “regular” photoshoot. She was so startled that she didn’t even recognize Logan at first! During their wedding photos, I could easily spot their innocent silliness. They were sticking their tongues out at each other, and it was clear they will never lose that endearing spark of love.

The ceremony itself was one of the most genuine weddings I have ever seen. I mean, their flower girl was actually a bulldog! It got stage fright and scampered off the aisle, but of course it was still super cute. However, my absolute favorite part of the wedding was during the daddy/daughter dance when ALL dads and daughters were invited to join them on the floor. People of all ages came together in sweet embrace, and the same thing happened during the mother/son time. I was trying so hard not to cry!

In all, Cassie and Logan’s wedding was small, beautiful, and one for the books. I know that you two will continue to see the best in each other and thrive in each other and Christ's love. Thank you for allowing me to have a small part in the first day of the rest of your lives.