Cape Disappointment Engagement Photos | McKenna + Callum

McKenna and Callum met way back in middle school on the swim team. When they were 15 and 16, they started dating and they have been inseparable every since! Their engagement shoot at Cape Disappointment was an adventure. When McKenna contacted me back in September, she already knew she wanted their engagement shoot to feature the gorgeous landscape of the PNW. I already knew that we would hit it off! Unfortunately, we had to reschedule many times because Snoqualmie Pass was such a mess. So after MONTHS of anxiously awaiting their shoot, the day finally came! The 8+ hour drive from Spokane to Illwaco, WA was so worth it because of this breathtaking location. 

These cuties are so down to earth, friendly, and adventurous - my favorite! This came in handy because it had just rained and the entire area was SUPER muddy. Props to McKenna for hiking in heeled booties! Their love is so sweet and genuine. I could tell right away that they cherish each other's presence and simply bask in every moment they have together. 

We found a private cove and got it all to ourselves! It's called "Dead Man's Cove" if anyone is interesting in exploring it. I know, I know, why would I take them to a place called Dead Man's Cove at Cape Disappointment? But the name is so deceptive. (Apparently, it's called that because some fur-trading explorer was trying to find the Columbia River and just missed it?)

This place is anything but dead. It's STUNNING. The problem was that it was quite a trek with not an easy way to get down. There were some makeshift "steps," if you could even call them that. They were wood slats at best. But somehow, we all made it down in one piece, McKenna in her heeled booties and Callum in his nice dress shoes. And let me say it again: so worth it! They laughed, giggled, snuggled, and danced upon this perfect little private hideaway on the coast! 

Thank you McKenna and Callum for adventuring to this gorgeous location and hiking all the way down in the mud. Your love is so sweet and endearing, and I can't help but smile when looking at your photos. Can't wait for your wedding in July!